Tuxie's Getaway Essentials

Tuxie says it’s time for a getaway! We are looking forward to chill-axing.

This year, we are keeping our end-of-summer retreat simple. Tuxie made his travel checklist and insisted on packing light. However, this posh Maltese doesn’t leave home without his jet-setting accessories: ultra cool shades to protect his eyes, a statement-making tie for dinner dates with mum, a tennis ball to play fetch, and collapsible travel water bowl to keep hydrated. Of course, mum packed his favorite treaties like peanut butter cookies and lamb sticks. Also, be sure to bring extra poop bags, plenty of cleaning wipes, daily dental care and other necessities. Finally, a vacay-worthy playlist. Our current favorites include: Love - Taylor Swift, Better Together - Jack Johnson, Say So - Doha Cat, and Vacation - The Go-Gos.

For the hoomans, be sure to always have your masks in public places and don’t forget hand sanitizer and sunscreen!

So, can you guess where we are headed: a cabin on the mountain, a bungalow on the beach, or a cottage in the countryside? Follow Tuxie’s travel diary and don’t miss a minute of his adventures @tuxieluxie

Written by Stella Yang

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