Destination: One Happy Island

Our muse and his mum are back from their beloved island. Although this trip was a very different experience, they are grateful to be reunited with local lovelies and found new friendships along the way.

Some days stay gold forever! From day dreaming on the beach to hiking along the coastline, here are some highlights:

  1. Cruise on the White Sand
    This is as pup-friendly as it gets! Our muse and his mum happily embraced the salty air with a pawesome view. This jetset pup loved dipping his sandy paws in the ocean and chasing the waves.

  2. People Watch by the Pool
    What’s better than sipping smoothies made with fresh fruits and people watching by the poolside? Tuxie greeted every pawbody with his signature wagging tail. This social butterfly sure welcomed all the attention and gave puppy love freely.

  3. Catch a Catamaran at Pelican Pier
    Calling all doggie lovers: Pelican Pier Grill offers the best Tuna Takiki and Frozen Sangria while waiting for the ride. It’s delightful watching the fishes swimming under the deck and kites flying high in the sky. Freedom is calling!

  4. Hike Along Catalina Bay
    Surrounded with cactus and kissed by Caribbean sea breeze, this hike is island vibes at its best! Mum loved the distant view of the California lighthouse, an iconic landmark for Arubians that give them pawsitive outlooks.

  5. Enjoy Sunsets on the Beach
    Love like a sunset! Arashi Beach is the favorite spot for the most beautiful sunsets. Painterly and colorful sky brought different mood every evening to reflect the day.

  6. Dinner Date at Divi Sushi Bar
    Tuxie treated his woman crush to a yummy dinner of sushi and Rosé champagne on the balcony of Divi Lounge featuring ambient night time beach view, gentle breathe of sea air, and soothing sound of the waves. It was a night to remember!

Written by Stella Yang

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