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Mum is obsessed with our muse and everything doggie friendly. From vacation destinations to daily activities, from fine dining to healthy snacking. Everything is better together! Here are some of our favorite veggies and fruits:

  1. Blueberry Wild
    Fresh or frozen! These sweet blue bubbles are filled with antioxidants and adding it to pupper’s diet reduces the effects of brain aging.

  2. Carrot Delight
    One baby carrot a day for the tail-wagger! Crunching on this orange veggie is great for puppy’s teeth {& fun}!

  3. Celery Power
    Nom Nom Nom! This crisp green contains the nutrients needed for a healthy heart and it even freshens doggie breath.

  4. Apple Lover
    A yummy beauty that is low in protein and fat! Our muse loves it so much he makes the cutest “chomp chomp chomp” biting sound.

  5. Watermelon Sweetness
    Pawfect warm weather snack! The high water and fiber content in melon keep furbaby hydrated and promote healthy digestion.

  6. Spinach Superfood
    Clean and wholesome! This green, leafy plant helps fend off inflammatory issues–along with cancer.

  7. Pineapple For the Win
    Tart, sweet, and tangy! These golden nuggets put us in a tropical state of mind and help with boosting pooch’s immune system.

P.S. 🤫 Mum’s little secrets to raise a happy furbaby:

  • Give countless kisses and belly rubs 💋

  • Go on lots of adventures 🐾

  • Enjoy every moment together 💕

  • Repeat 🔄


Written by Stella Yang

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