Tuxie's Birthday Wish List

That’s right! Our muse is turning 7 on May 12. (Normally we wouldn’t mention age but when you look this good, flaunt it.) We were able to catch him during his weekly pawdicure to find out just what he wants for his big day.

First and foremost, Tuxie wishes for health and happiness for all puppers and their pawrents. He sends extra love and licks to the world and is looking forward to seeing his fur-riends once it is safe to do so again.

Of course, no birthday wish list is complete without a present. And this jet set pup is going on a sunny trip with mum once world travel is safe again – to Costa Rica! 

Tuxie’s Birthday Wish List:

  1. Surfing Lessons
    One cannot travel to Costa Rica without catching a wave or two, and Tuxie is a natural athlete. On second thought, maybe he’ll sunbathe (with SPF of course) and enjoy the sight of mum giving it a try. 

  2. Horseback Riding with Mum
    While being small is quite alright with our muse, it will be nice to ride up high and see all the wildlife up in the canopy.

  3. Meeting A Monkey
    Such pawesome creatures they are, swinging from branches way up high! From what he’s seen on mum’s TV, our muse feels certain they could use a little fashion advice.

  4. Eating Pineapple
    Nature’s candy and a treat mum knows he loves. And while our muse munches, perhaps he’ll treat her to a cup of Doka’s Tres Generaciones. He knows she loves her coffee.

What a barktastic wish list - we cannot wait to celebrate his big day and share some highlights with all of you! Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow Tuxie’s adventures @tuxieluxie


Written by Stella Yang

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