Summer Vibes

We’ve been waiting for summer since March! Because travel is a little challenging at the moment, our muse is out and about with his mum, spending a pawfect sunny day chillin” in the hood.

  1. People Watching on Our Stoop
    What’s better than getting some fresh air on our stoop and trading secrets? Sometimes our muse and his mum talk about people and laugh. 🤫🐶🤐

  2. Happy Dance Along the Museum Mile
    Only in NYC. Cruising along the iconic Fifth Ave with fellow puppers and watching Yellow Cabs speeding by. We love hanging by the fountain in front of The Met listening to the sound of water drops. 🚕🐾⛲️

  3. Adventures on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir
    Mum’s favorite running track by day, as well as the famous eco sanctuaries. We made fur-riends with waterbirds, coots, ruddy ducks, and many many more species. We didn’t even know all their names. 🕊🦆🦢

  4. Wild Time at Turtle Pond Lawn
    Say no more. This is a haven for all pups. Turtle watchin’, mug rollin’ and endless sniffin’! 🐛💦🐢

  5. Afternoon Stroll Around The Dakota
    Our muse is feeling like a celebrity prancing around this famous address.🌟🌆🌟

  6. A Moment to Reflect
    Days like today are what we cherish the most. We do what we love and do a lot of it! ❤️🌟❤️

  7. Modern-day Rickshaw Ride Home
    Our muse is pooped out! Luckily mum found a super chic ride to take us home. 

As we spent a pawesome day together, we are thinking about what’s happening in our nation and are sending extra puppy love to the world. 🙏

Photo by Perry Hagopian @perryhagopian

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Written by Stella Yang

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