Highlights From the Big Easy

Our muse and his mum had a jam-packed long weekend in New Orleans. Yes, they were there to shoot Tuxie Luxie’s Spring collection, but they also made some time to enjoy the city.

From gallery hopping on Royal Street to noshing on chargrilled oysters at the Chartres House, here are Tuxie’s top six moments.

  1. Morning Stroll on the Mississippi River Moon Walk
    This is as pup-friendly as it gets! Plenty of green grass, lots of steamboat action and a pawesome view of Jackson Square.

  2. Coffee and Beignets at Café Beignet Bourbon
    After that walk, mum needed coffee; Tuxie needed sweet treats! Offering live jazz music in the afternoon and evening, this New Orleans’ hotspot is known for serving the best beignet; also known as the official doughnut of Louisiana. They were so good, mum had two orders!

  3. Gallery Hopping and Boutique Shopping on Royal Street
    Calling all pupper lovers: Gallery Rinard is devoted to funny animal art, from big installations to small portraits. Afterward, mum picked up a new fragrance (Cameo Noir) at the renowned Bourbon French Parfums.

  4. Oysters and Rosé at Chartres House
    Specializing in classic Cajun eats, this French Quarter favorite is very welcoming to pups. While mum dug into the oysters, Tuxie chowed down on the French baguette.

  5. Carriage Ride on St. Louis Street
    Initially, Tuxie wasn’t sure about Milly. But they warmed up to each other after a scenic tour of the river, colonial Spanish architecture and the French Market—a popular spot for thrifting, people-watching and live music performances. Fun fact: it’s also the home of Gazebo Café, creator of the original ice cream daiquiri drink (they had the orange-flavored Dreamsicle!).

  6. Dinner Date at Café Amelie
    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Tuxie treated the number one lady in his life to a delicious dinner of jambalaya and champagne at this romantic café, featuring beautiful gardens and ambient lighting.

Written by Stella Yang

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