Great Ways to Spoil Your Furbabes

"The best therapist has fur and four legs". Our furry friends constantly show us unconditional love. It's time for us to think about how to kick it up a notch in return. Here are some great ways to make them feel pampered as we shower them with extra love.

  1. Give them extra attention 🎾🥰🧸
    The best gifts in life are free. Personal interaction is the most meaningful demonstration of love. Make sure to take the time to scratch their bellies, play with them, and show them how important they are. 
  2. Keep them cozy & stylish 👕🛍🧣
    Make them the best-dressed pups in the room! Small pups get cold easily. Dress them in high-quality, tailored fit and comfortable outfits from our collection for their daily activities to enhance the lifestyle. Don't forget to follow our adventures @tuxieluxie
  3. Take them for a luxurious grooming 🛁💈🐩 
    Splurging on a premium treatment at a doggie spa once a month is a must! They will surely feel much cooler, lighter and smell delicious after the grooming. Be sure to ask for shampoos that are made with natural ingredients so they don't irritate sensitive skin making bath time enjoyable for them. Super shoutout to Tuxie's groomer, Mariann @groomingdalesny for always taking such good care during his visits.
  4. Treat them to a care package 💝🦴🎁 
    There are many monthly subscription options for your pups. Mix things up and surprise your furry friend with a care package with a selection of new toys, treats, and other goodies. I love these boxes because the pawrents can customize them to create an ultimate experience for the pup. Our muse, Tuxie looks forward to the arrivals of his BarkBox @bark every month!
  5. Whip them up some homemade treats 🫐🥓🍎
    Besides feeding them high-quality and human-grade meals, nothing feels more like home than homemade treats. It's an act of care even for someone who's less savvy in the kitchen. Be sure to only use ingredients that are safe for doggies. We will be sharing some simple DIY homemade snack recipes that Tuxie loves in our next blog post. Stay tuned!

We love to treat our furbabies. Let's spoil them right!

    Written by Stella Yang

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