Benefits Of Having a Petite Pup

They say that a dog is a person's best friend. A dog serves a wide array of roles: protector, helper, life saver, and companion. The relationship and connection between dogs and people is deep and precious.

Our muse, Tuxedo, is much more than a pet. He is loving, loyal, kind, understanding, and has an indomitable spirit. Tuxie came home with me when he was only 10 weeks old. In celebrating our 9th anniversary this year,  I am sharing my list of the benefits of living with a small pup:

  1. Amazing Partner for the Mobile Lifestyle
    Since I travel often, Tuxie gets to see the world and experience different cultures with me. He's never been left behind. Over the years, he has become my favorite travel partner and the most important arm candy. He has provided much needed support during our time away from home. Small pups are welcome to more places. Taking them for adventures is always fun and rewarding. Home is where the heart is.
  2. Perfect Size to be The Best-Dressed Pup
    A little dog gets cold easier and needs some extra help on the chilly days. This is one of the reasons that motivated me to create the TL collection. My vision is to make dressing a petite pup chic and fun with a purpose. Remember, a coordinated outfit with your pup is always a good idea!
  3. Protecting in Nature
    When Tuxie is on guard, he is giving warning. His bark is firm and helps me to be more cautious and alert. Small but mighty he is.
  4. Unlimited Kisses and Cuddles
    All dogs can be very sweet and cuddly, however, it's much easier to cuddle with a small pup. They take less space and weigh less. It's comfortable for them to sit in your lap. Small pups also tend to be lickers. They give kisses to show affection and love. The snuggle is real! 
  5. Loved By All
    Having a dog is a great way to meet people. In most cases, people automatically assume that a smaller dog is friendly. I often see big smiles on the people's faces when they see and interact with Tuxie. It gives me pleasure seeing such a little creature bring happiness to strangers. Spread Tuxie Love!
  6. Ideal for Leisure Walks
    Walking a small pup is like taking a relaxed stroll. I look forward to our walks everyday from window shopping in Soho, picking up fresh flowers in the market, watching the sunset on the harbor or chasing squirrels in the park. It's the little things that matter the most.

We all agree that dogs are incredible companions to people. Want to live a healthier and fuller life, consider getting a pup!


Written by Stella Yang

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