Guest Blog: The Ultimate Reunion

This year, TUXIE LUXIE is all about reconnecting with friends and family. Patricia Romero is our Founder, Stella's dear friend, our muse Tuxie's second mum and a talented Stylist and Writer. We invited her to be TL's guest blogger and share her experience when returning to NYC this summer.

In 2021 I moved to Cape Town, South Africa and that was the last time I saw Tuxie and Stella. Obviously, thanks to cell phones and social media we have always stayed in touch. The power of friendship always present no matter how far we are.But there’s nothing more beautiful than a reunion, seeing each other face to face, laughing and sharing together in real time.

I came back to New York in late June 2022, and after a work project in early July, Stella, Tuxie and I met for brunch.

The plan was to meet them at their home and then take a walk to The Odeon, a local staple and Tuxie's favorite spot. While on the elevator, I wondered what Tuxie’s reaction would be, after all he hadn’t seen me for almost 10 months. Would he remember me? Would he react as if he didn’t know me?

Well, those questions were erased when the door to their apartment opened and out came Tuxie jumping, running around me and giving me little cries and barks of happiness. He not only remembered me well, he was giving me the royal treatment as if he were the president of the greeting committee.

The reunion had began! Lots of hugs, kisses and catching up. We then walked to The Odeon chatting non stop with Stella while Tuxie led the way as he explored and checked out every detail of New York City streets from his view point, something like a foot above ground. We had a great brunch celebration with French fries, of course, as they are one of Tuxie’s favorites.

That get together became one of many including a sleep over, a walk with Tuxie’s friend Royal and her mom Bette, Stella’s homemade pasta dinner, a few photoshoots and one other reunion that deserves a special mention: the gathering of the three Maltese!

The three Maltese honorary members include our beloved little rascal Tuxie and our two wonderful friends who were born in Malta: Joyce and David! Stella had planned the dinner as a surprise for David who hadn’t seen Joyce in years! It was truly fun to see their happy faces as they saw each other and both screamed with laughter. We had such a lovely evening together, dining al fresco at Hudson Clearwater amidst laughs, clinking glasses, and many anecdotes.

Although summer has come to an end and a new season is starting, we'll continue celebrating the power of friendships, reunions and the Maltese love 🤍🐾

Patricia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and moved to New York in 1990. She has worked as a stylist in fashion, beauty and home decor for the last three decades and have started writing personal essays in the last few years. She hopes to communicate through beautiful images or through the written word, and strives to always connect with people from the heart ❤️
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