New year, new goals. Ever envy the unbreakable bond between the pup and the pawrent? Here are 6 ways to significantly improve your relationship with your four-legged fur-riend!

  1. Going for a Sniffari & Putting in Quality Playtime 🐛🥎
    A relationship is about being with one another and sharing experiences. Spend your time together in enjoyable ways and go on daily adventures small or big! Make every moment memorable.

  2. Training is Bonding 🐾😍
    Well-trained pups are allowed greater freedom. Proper training and healthy socialization is meaningful to a dog’s well-being. Teach your pup a new trick or two every week to keep the mind stimulated.

  3. Adding Love into Their Food 🥗🥘
    Like humans, the way into a pup’s heart is through the tummy (our muse included). Preparing healthy, tasty food for your furbaby shows you care. Home cooking is always the best. If cooking isn’t your thing, simply focus on providing the best nutrition in the most delicious way possible.

  4. Communicating Clearly 🖐🐕
    Be consistent, be calm, and be playful! Doggies pay attention to what we do more than what we say and tend to learn visual signals faster than vocal cues. Clear communication will greatly reduce confusion and strengthen your bond.

  5. Knowing Your Pupper’s Preferences ❤️🖤
    Let’s get personal! Paying close attention to your pup’s likes and dislikes will help you give them what he/she wants and be the source of all things wonderful. Happy doggie = Happy life.

  6. Learning Always 🧐📚
    Keep informed and learn more about canine behavior, their body language and facial expressions that indicate stress, anxiety and fear. This knowledge will help you to protect them and keep them safe. Remember a successful relationship is built on trust. Once they realize that they can count on you, possibilities are endless!

We heart dogs as fur-riends and as family members. Being with them enhances our life in so many unique ways. It’s all about the relationship, which is worth improving no matter how pawesome it is already!

Written by Stella Yang

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