How to Catch That Picture Pawfect Moment

Never miss a photo op. Our muse and his mum, Stella are sharing their best-loved photo ideas. What is your favorite pose with your pup?

  1. Over the Shoulder
    We got each other’s back!

  2. Cuddle
    Obviously, happiness is a warm puppy.

  3. Kiss
    Lick lick lick! The more the merrier.

  4. Looking into Distance
    Two heads, one heart. Sharing a dream is timeless and priceless.

  5. The “Lion King” Moment
    Celebrate and cherish life.

  6. Sit Pretty
    Need I say more? A pretty picture is captured!

  7. Stand Beautiful
    Be yourself and be each other’s BFF.

  8. In The Moment
    Live. Love. Laugh.

  9. Twinning
    For the winning duo ‘cause great minds think alike.

  10. Boop the Snoot
    A cute and endearing gesture to show playfulness and affection.

p.s. All of Tuxie’s dashing new outfits will be available early March. Stay tuned!

Written by Stella Yang

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