When In Charleston...

We are happy to report that Charleston didn't disappoint. Our muse and I understood fully now why this city is rated the #1 tourist destination in the US for the past 9 year! Yes, we were there to shoot the Tuxie Luxie’s collection, but we also made some time to experience the Southern Charms.

From exploring the Historic Downtown District to making paw prints on Isle of Palms, here are some highlights:

  1. Leisure Strolls on Isle of Palms Beach
    This is as pup-friendly as it gets! Carolina shoreline is so peaceful and breathtaking. The brisk air in the morning is refreshing and the sunset view in the evening is magnificent.

  2. Lowcountry Cuisine at Poogan's Porch
    This cute spot is in a beautifully restored Victorian house, known for serving traditional southern cooking using the most fresh local ingredients. The restaurant is named after the beloved neighborhood dog named "Poogan". He was no purebred fluffy puppy; but a good ol’, down-home Southern porch dog. The porch at 72 Queen had become his favorite spot over the years. Need me to say more? This charming eatery is as doggie friendly as it gets. The ambiance is so warm and welcoming. Our muse gives the thumbs up and marked it as a must try when in Charleston.

  3. Walking Tour Around the Historic Downtown District 
    So many hidden gems to be discovered! From charming cobblestone streets, famous city market to the pier at the waterfront, we were showered by the city's rich history and culture. We loved the iconic Victorian mansions and the famous pineapple fountain. Of course, we also enjoyed the fantastic view of the Copper River Bridge. 

  4. Oysters and Daytrippers at Leon's Oyster Shop
    The restaurant is housed in an old body shop. Inspired by beloved southern tradition, it offers fresh caught oysters and elevated soul food. This longtime downtown favorite is very welcoming to pups. While I dug into the chargrilled oysters pairing with the Daytripper (aka the best drink ever), Tuxie chowed down on his favorite French baguette.

  5. Boat Ride Along Charleston Harbor
    While listening to the history of this Holy City and sightseeing along the harbor, we also caught the sight of swimming dolphins and the beautiful sunset. What a treat!

  6. Date Night at Stella's
    When we walked by "Stella's", we knew we must have our dinner date there. The open bar is airy and spacious, perfect for socializing and people watching. Tuxie, the social butterfly was in heaven! The dining room in the back is intimate and romantic with dim lights and modern rustic decor. We loved the Mediterranean fare that's designed for sharing. After all, sharing is caring. 

p.s. All of Tuxie’s dashing outfits are available now! Simply click on the image to see more details or visit our Collection page.

Written by Stella Yang

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