Ways to Help Your Pup Settle Into a New Space

Changes are not easy for pups as they like routines. Moving is exciting yet stressful. Now our muse and his mum, Stella are settled into their new space happily, we’d like to share this experience with all the TL insiders. Keep in mind that prepping for the move is as essential as after moving. Take the time and make it a memorable process.

Prior to the move:

  1. Talk to your furbaby about the move. They do listen.

  2. Have the shipping supplies and boxes organized in the space. Doggies do best when the space is structured.

  3. Associate packing with playtime and treats to reduce anxiety. Who can resist happy times?

After the move:

  1. Make the “spot” for your furbaby immediately in the new home and fill the space with things that they are familiar with, such as their toys, bed and security blanket. Let’s get cozy!

  2. Keep the normal feeding, walking and playing schedule. Pups are creatures of routines.

  3. Give lots of love and extra attention. Love wins!

  4. Spend floor time with your pup so he/she can get used to the new smell and set up. Everything’s better together!

  5. Explore the new neighborhood together and start something new one step at a time. Make it fun!

  6. Plan on spending extra time home for the first few weeks. Help your pup feel secure and safe is priority.

  7. Be patient and give your pup time to adjust. Good things come to those who wait.

Changes are good, they bring new adventures. There are so many new memories waiting to be created. After all, home is where the heart is.

Written by Stella Yang

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