Homecoming: City of Dreamers

Our muse and his mum had an action packed week in Los Angeles. Yes, they were there to shoot the Tuxie Luxie’s new collection, but they also made some time to catch up with family and friends.

From sipping fancy Egyptian Rosé Latte at Golden Triangle, to enjoying an adventurous bicycle ride on the palm tree lined streets, here are some notable moments:

  1. Morning Stroll at the Venice Canals
    Like in Venice, Italy, this is as pup-friendly as it gets! Oh what fun climbing up and down the bridges and strolling along the pathway under the bluest sky. From passing through the manicured lawns planted with exotic flowers, to catching an intimate boat ride along the canals, this is a paradise like no others.

  2. Brunch at the Georgian Hotel (@thegeorgianhotelsm)
    Family time is the best time! Tuxie & mum met up with their inner circle to spend some quality time together. This Santa Monica hotspot features an old Hollywood glamour with a So Cal laid-back vibe on Ocean Avenue. It was a pawfect scene for a reunion.

  3. Afternoon Date at Café Sheera Beverly Hills (@sheerasweets)
    Calling all pupper lovers: Sheera Sweets, a delicious playground of gourmet luxury, is a hidden gem! While Tuxie treated his woman crush, his mum, to some signature sweets and latte, he gulping down the original puppuccino that was especially made for him. We also loved the renowned silk #DateMe™ flower wall! A true Beverly Hills style!

  4. Getting Inspired on Melrose Avenue
    What can be more electrifying than window shopping and people watching on one of L.A’s most famous streets! From posh stores to funky coffee shops, Tuxie was in heaven sniffin’ & markin’ his territories.

  5. Bicycle Ride in the Basket on Sunset Boulevard
    Initially, Tuxie wasn’t sure about this new way of traveling. But after a slow start, he enjoyed the breezy air while sightseeing in the basket-a Maltese King experience!

  6. Magnificent Coastal Views on Santa Monica Pier
    We were disappointed that the iconic Amusement Park on the pier was closed due to the Covid, but watching the gorgeous sunset at the end of Route 66 was surely breathtaking!

  7. Steak and Champagne Toast at BAO
    Last, but not least, Tuxie and mum had a little anniversary celebration with their LA family and number 1 fan. They had a fancy dinner of steak and champagne and shared lots of laughters and barks at this trendy steakhouse. It was a night to remember!

p.s. All of Tuxie’s ritzy outfits are available now! Simply click on the image to see more details.

Written by Stella Yang

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